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Make an impact with a blog

October 23, 2014 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

There are five essential components of a good marketing strategy for your website.

1) A website that functions properly with short loading times and no mistakes like broken pages or links. The site should encourage the action you intend, whether you want to persuade people to to make a purchase or want them to get in touch for more information.

2) An onsite blog. This is the best way to keep adding fresh content to your site and provide interesting news about your industry and products. Well written blogs will be rewarded by search engines when they are indexed.

3) A regular newsletter and correspondence with customers. Direct mail is the best way to reach your audience and lets you inform them about special offers, products and other things.

4) Social media is great for brand awareness and makes it easier for people to associate with you. It also gives you the chance to make yourself more approachable, take feedback, and create a distinctive personality for your brand.

5) Videos and other engaging digital media. These may seem like a luxury, but can produce really great results in terms of boosting your brand.
Before you start focusing on different types of media and making videos, you need to ensure your site functions properly and you have a good blog in place. To do this you need a blog strategy and need to understand the importance of content marketing.

The best blogs are regularly updated with fresh content on a range of different topics. Including news about your industry is a really good idea.

A blogging calendar is wise because it will help you keep track of when you need to post. It also lets you set out time for researching and compiling information for your blog. If you have busy periods, arrange your blogs for quieter times when you have more free time.

Timing is important with blogging, especially if your market is seasonal. New content can take time to get indexed and reward your site, so if you want to get found at Christmas you should start posting in August to ensure your content is visible when people will be looking for it.

A final good tip with a blogging strategy is to keep an eye on your search engine ranking and focus on areas where you aren’t performing. This will help you to determine which products or services you need to write about and promote. If you find that landing pages aren’t performing you should refresh these alongside writing blogs.

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