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Make sure you have a quick response time

November 18, 2015 by in category Facebook, News with 0 and 0

Social media provides many advantages for businesses, making it easier for them to build a great relationship with consumers. It also offers benefits in terms of communication, adding an extra channel for a consumer to get in touch rather than having to make a call or send an email. However, businesses could inadvertently be damaging their reputation by giving people this opportunity then not being prompt with their responses.

When you use social media to enhance your business and give you better contact with your audience, it is essential you are prepared to build your presence and maintain it. Your social media strategy should be an essential part of your overall marketing plan, and needs to receive the time and attention it deserves.

When responding to messages, it is important to be as prompt as possible. People are always more likely to contact a business if they have a problem or need additional information. In these cases if you can’t provide the relevant support quickly, you can miss a great opportunity to give the person the best level of service you can. Ignoring a request for help or advice could send people directly to your competitors.

Naturally, it is difficult to ensure you deliver a quick response in busy times, but you should be trying to answer messages within 72 hours regardless. This is particularly important if the tone of the message is negative, such as when you receive bad feedback. The faster you respond in these cases the easier it is to explain your case and find a resolution. A fast response can also minimise the damage.

If you use social media for your business it is important check it regularly and keep on top of messages. You should be replying to the most important ones at the very least if you are pushed for time. Keep in mind that your presence on these platforms will have an impact and effect your reputation. If you need help with your social media marketing campaign, our team can help you to stay up to date and respond quickly to your audience.

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