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Web designs to stimulate visitors’ imaginations

November 19, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

We all know how important it is to stimulate and capture website visitors with appropriate, eye catching and original design. EyeQuant’s cutting edge technology is set to make it easier than ever before to determine how visitors are likely to react to your website design.

This technology has been developed to teach software to see website designs the same way that humans do. This is very useful for weighing up how exciting, clear and informative websites are for their visitors. The technology has taken a number of years to develop but it is now able to accurately provide scores for sites within a few seconds. This information can then be used to decide if designs are effective and have the potential to satisfy the needs of the audience.

EyeQuant scores websites from 0 to 100 for excitement and visual clarity. In terms of excitement, a low score means that the site is not visually stimulating whereas a high score means there is a lot of stimulation. Low clarity scores show that the site is cluttered and there is a lot going on. High scores show that information is clear, concise and easy to understand.

During tests, the software revealed some interesting information about the designs of some of the best known websites in the world. Google scored 5 for excitement, showing that their design is very precise. Apple scored higher with 62. Both sites make use of white space in their designs, but Apple provides more stimulation by showing images of their products.

EyeQuant is currently being used by hundreds of companies and has received support from huge brands like Nike and Expedia. The technology can give companies a much deeper insight into their web design rather than relying on predictions, providing all kinds of benefits in the process.

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