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Marketing trends making waves across the Atlantic

June 10, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

American companies are constantly having to innovate and evolve in order to keep up in a hugely competitive market. As a result of this, the USA has always led the way in digital innovation, and several new digital marketing trends have emerged in recent months across the States. If previous trends are anything to go on, this means that these marketing strategies will soon be widely used by companies across the world looking to improve their online presence.

One of the biggest online trends seen in recent times is the use of hashtags to tap into cultural trends and get audiences involved on social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram. Recent examples include Nike’s #BetterForIt campaign, which encourages users to use the Nike app during their workout. The most successful hashtag campaigns are playful, fun, and inspire users to get involved. They can even be used across different platforms and on physical marketing materials, and can also be used as part of competitions, encouraging even more user participation.

Push notifications are another emerging trend. With the ever increasing number of apps and services competing for attention, push notifications can be used cleverly to let users know which services are most suitable for their needs. They can be implemented in different forms, such as pop up messages or alerts, sent straight to the smartphone or mobile device. It is important to strike the right balance between informing users and annoying them.

Of course, high quality content is always welcome, and interesting, engaging video content, well designed apps and consistent marketing campaigns are the key to attracting attention to a brand. When you have great branded content, customers will naturally want to share it and talk about it. Some of the most successful recent examples of USA digital marketing include the humorous and relatable “first moon party” advertising campaign by Hello Flo, a company offering monthly packages of feminine hygiene products; and Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle’s award winning “scarecrow” campaign, which involved an interactive game and animated film and emphasised the brand’s dedication to sustainable ingredients.

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