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More is not necessarily better when it comes to email marketing

July 1, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Email marketing can be a highly effective strategy for brands and businesses, but it needs to be handled in the right way if you want to experience maximum benefits for your business. One key factor is frequency – you don’t want to bombard your target audience with emails several times a day, but you don’t want them to forget about you, either. So what is the right amount for an internet marketing campaign?

New research conducted by email intelligence specialists Return Path has indicated that audiences are actually more open to email marketing than many businesses think, which means this is still a valuable tool for getting your message out there to the right people. However, this does not necessarily mean that more is better.

Most people with an active primary email account were happy to receive up to five emails a week before complaining that the messages were too frequent. For businesses sending marketing emails to secondary email accounts, less frequently checked than the primary accounts, the number of tolerated emails was higher – although this is likely to be down to the fact that people were more likely to delete the emails without reading them.

Sending emails to primary accounts is more valuable, as people are much more likely to take notice of the messages in their primary inbox, but they are also less likely to tolerate too many messages in these accounts. This is why the frequency of your campaign needs to be carefully managed in order to capture the attention of your audience without annoying them. Digital marketing is one of our specialist areas of expertise, and we can help you to ensure you are reaching the right people in the right way.

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