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Our WordPress web design tips

February 24, 2017 by in category Website Design, WordPress with 0 and 0

One of the biggest selling points of WordPress is that it is so customisable. This makes it possible for people to create the exact site they want and make changes to it as and when necessary. At Web Consultancy we have a lot of experience, standing out as one of the leading providers of WordPress web design Middlesbrough has. That is why we are confident we can help our clients to get exactly what they want from their web presence.

One thing we love doing is sharing our experience. As a result here are our useful tips for designing a website with WordPress.

Keep the design simple at first

When you first start out you may have all kinds of ideas regarding what you want from your site, including different services, a blog with dozens of categories, or an e-commerce store selling a variety of products. All of these are possible but you may want to start off small and simple.

For example there is no need adding categories for blogs or products if there are none to populate the section. This will leave it empty and cause problems for usability. It is better to build over time and add new sections as and when necessary. Your updates will also help to keep the site fresh.

Make content easy to read

Whether you have an informative site packed with text or an e-commerce store that primarily focuses on products, there will be some content on the site. You need to ensure it is written with care, making sure it is readable above everything else. It should also be presented in a clear manner, particularly in terms of the font, size, and text colour.

Remember that you want people to read what you have written because it keeps them on the site and encourages further exploration. Poorly written and presented text won’t achieve that.

Choose the right colours

Sites can differ in terms of their layout and content but it is the colours that people notice first. You should select every colour you are going to use with care, ensuring they work together. It is advisable not to go too overboard, resulting in a website that is hard on the eyes. A good tip is to choose a primary colour, perhaps the main one from your brand, and compliment it with a secondary one.

Work on the navigation

The great thing about WordPress is it allows you to create websites that are very easy to navigate. This is crucial because you want visitors to be able to move around quickly and easily, finding the exact page they want in just a few clicks. You should never lose sight of how important navigation is; make it a cornerstone of your design.

Upgrades and updates

A website is not a one and done thing. It needs to change and grow over time in order to stay relevant. Even the most successful sites (think Amazon and eBay) are updated periodically to ensure they are user friendly. With WordPress you can upgrade and update whenever you like, making changes with ease. It is important you don’t assume everything is finished and then neglect your site.

If you are thinking about creating a new website or updating your existing one, we can help you. Our team excel, standing out as the best provider of WordPress web design Middlesbrough has. We can convert an existing site to it or create a brand new site from scratch for you. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and remember our tips above.

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