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Protecting your web traffic

August 21, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

When you choose a company to provide you with essential web hosting, it is important to ensure you will get the right level of service. Simply rushing in and opting for the lowest priced service is unwise and can leave you having to worry about website downtime and other errors. Remember every moment your site is offline is potentially lost visitors and revenue; this shows just how important it is to choose a server that will keep you online.

When you select a web host, you are putting your faith in them to keep your site online and accessible. This can leave you exposed to all kinds of problems. To protect yourself you should have a secondary host provider to take over if the main host goes down. This helps you to maintain your web traffic.

The biggest problem with the internet is that a server problem could happen at any time, whether it is during the day or at night. You may think that it won’t matter if your site is down in the early hours, but people could still be trying to visit it then. You should ensure your site will be online around the clock and that you will be notified, either day or night, if it goes down.

As well as round the clock monitoring, you should also ensure that the web hosting provider offers the right support. Technicians should be on hand to keep the server online and solve problems as quickly as possible. Steps should also be taken to divert your web traffic to a temporary page or an alternative site while the server problem is fixed, this will prevent you from losing visitors.

The most important thing is to have a back up of your website data. This is crucial in case the site gets corrupted. The backup should be on a completely different server so you can access it if the original host goes down. This is also important for security purposes.

Web hosting providers come in many different varieties. The price they charge will vary greatly; as will the level of service they offer. When choosing a host make sure you search for a great deal and find exactly what you are looking for.

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