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The biggest challenges in digital marketing

August 20, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Marketing has been moving more and more towards the digital realm for several years as companies look to take advantage of the extra exposure it offers. Now both large and small businesses use the medium to attract customers and capture their interest. The five biggest challenges of online marketing at the moment are:

1) The speed of technological change

Technology changes very rapidly in the modern world. Whereas once development would take months or years, it is now down to weeks or even faster. There is so much competition that there is a constant push to develop the next new thing before competitors do. It is hard to think that Pinterest was only launched 5 years ago and SnapChat is even younger. The fast progression means businesses need to stay on their toes and constantly adapt their strategies.

2) Multiple devices

The number of devices on the market means that it is more important than ever to cater for different screen sizes. Businesses need to account for various devices but also need to cater to the individual, personal needs of customers. It requires a careful balance between the two.

3) The product is the marketing

Traditionally, the marketing campaign is created after the product, but in the modern world many people are designing their marketing campaigns at the same time as their products to deliver a more seamless experience.

4) Marketing never ends

Marketing has evolved from the days when it simply meant encouraging people to purchase a single product. It is now designed to help build relationships between companies and consumers. For this reason, the process needs to continue long after a purchase. The fact that people have more access to businesses now also means that there is no conceivable point where you can stop marketing.

5) The rise of video

Video is currently the darling of digital marketing because it offers so many amazing opportunities. Instead of relying solely on text and images, you can provide something far more engaging and interactive. Videos can be entertaining as well as educational and if they go viral your exposure can be huge. The benefits of using video successfully are worth the cost.

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