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Social media gaining ground in digital advertisement market

April 2, 2015 by in category News, Social Media with 0 and 0

In recent years, there has been a huge push for businesses to use social media as a means of advertising their goods and services. A presence on social media is believed to attract more customers and increase interaction between a business and its customer base, leading to great benefits for both sides.

More and more social media sites are opening themselves up to advertisements, allowing businesses to target an even wide audience base around the globe. In the world of digital marketing, social media is making waves and more and more businesses are tapping into it. Social media is poised to overtake popular search engines in terms of advertising revenue.

There is a universal popularity when it comes to social networks. Sites such as Facebook have a deeply ingrained presence across the world, so by taking a proactive approach towards networking, a business can reach its target audience a lot more efficiently than through other forms of advertising. Actual advertisements on social media are beginning to grow in popularity as well.

The latest figures, according to eMarketer, show that Facebook and Twitter will own a third of America’s display advertisement market by 2017. In the USA, Facebook is set to double the display advertising revenue that is generated by Google. An astounding $6.8bn is predicted in comparison to Google’s $3.5bn, meaning that Facebook will own a quarter of the display ad business. Continuing trends will mean that this number will leap to $10bn by 2017, making up 27% of the display ad business. Twitter, meanwhile, is expected to generate $1.3bn in revenue this year, highlighting continuous growth and beating Yahoo’s revenue of $1.2bn, allowing it to become the third highest generator of advertising revenue. LinkedIn is expected to seize the eighth place in terms of generating advertising revenue, expected to generate $0.43bn by 2017.

With Facebook leading the pack for generating ad revenue, and with Twitter following closely behind only behind Google, it is clear that advertising habits are shifting rapidly. More and more businesses are turning to advertising directly through digital advertisements on social media platforms in the hope of seizing a larger portion of the market, and it could certainly work. Digital advertisements are a great way to connect directly with your customers, and with digital ad revenue growing considerably, it is clear that more and more businesses are coming round to the idea as well. We can help you to make the most of social media for your business with our packages; just get in touch for more information.

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