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Tablet sales fall as smartphone sales rise

February 17, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Unlike smartphones, which are continuing to in popularity, figures have shown a decline in tablet sales in 2014. Sales of Apple’s iPads were down 17.7% compared to 2013, and other companies experienced a similar drop in sales. This is in sharp contrast to iPhone sales, which were largely responsible for Apple’s $18bn quarterly profit – a world record.

There are a few reasons why tablet sales may be down. One of the main reasons seems to be that once a person invests in a tablet, they tend to hold onto them for a longer time, unlike many smartphone users who will regularly update and upgrade their phones as new models are introduced. There are comparatively few new features being introduced in newer tablet models, so people who already own one have no real incentive to replace it. With software updates being introduced regularly for tablets’ operating systems, there is simply no need for tablet users to replace their devices every year as long as they are still able to browse the web and stream videos.

Another reason could be the introduction of smartphones with larger screens – a kind of hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. Many phones can now perform all the functions of a tablet, so there is no need for consumers to invest in both devices when one can do all the work.

When it comes to designing and creating websites, it continues to be extremely important to make sure that sites are optimised for mobile devices. Although sales of tablets may be down, when taken as a whole with smartphones, it is clear that more people than ever before are using mobile devices to browse the internet and find the information they need. We can help you to make your website mobile-friendly, ensuring that it is suitable for viewing on any device and maximising the number of potential clients you can find.

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