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YouTube has given us ten years of video

February 16, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Not only is 2015 the tenth year of Google Maps, as we mentioned in a previous blog post – it’s also the tenth birthday of the world’s favourite video sharing and streaming site, YouTube.

YouTube was originally created in 2005 as a video dating site, and was bought by Google in 2006 for the huge sum of $1.65 billion. Since then it has simply gone from strength to strength, and currently has over a billion users every month – almost half of the world’s internet-using population.

One of the main reasons for YouTube’s popularity is the sheer diversity and breadth of its content. With over 300 hours of video content being uploaded to the site ever minute, practically every subject you can think of is covered. Whether you want to watch funny homemade videos of cats and babies, useful tutorial videos to teach you how to bake a cake or fix your phone, informative corporate marketing videos, concert footage of your favourite bands or historic news footage of major world events – it’s all there, along with much, much more.

YouTube is used as much by businesses as by individuals, with many major companies having their own dedicated YouTube channels which are viewed, shared and commented on by millions of people every day. Adding video content to your online marketing could be a great way to give your business a boost, helping to keep site visitors interested and giving them something to watch, think about and share with friends, family or colleagues. YouTube is a great platform to do this as it is so easy to use, and you don’t need a huge budget – just some creativity, imagination and something interesting to say. With these crucial ingredients in place, you’ll be able to create engaging and interesting video content that will enhance your online marketing.

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