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Taking on email marketing

February 19, 2015 by in category Digital Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Email marketing is thriving and can be a great tool for any business to use. Some companies avoid this tactic because they think they will simply end up in their customer’s spam folder, but by taking a creative and careful approach, you can make your email marketing incredibly effective. Though there is no overall generic solution that can improve the open rate of your emails, by taking several small steps towards appealing to your customers, you will doubtlessly find this kind of marketing quite effective.

Email marketing is still widely used across the business world. It’s a marketing technique with the potential to beat SEO, mobile advertising, content marketing and many other types of advertising and marketing as long as it is done effectively. The major problem is that most businesses do not pursue this kind of marketing in the right way. By not putting care or time into your marketing campaign, you are simply going to have your emails deleted without being opened. Running an effective marketing campaign requires careful planning and thought to ensure that you catch the eyes of your potential customers.

More than ninety percent of people check their emails on a daily basis, which means that the potential audience is extremely high. However, there are things that you need to consider, with the foremost being personalisation. Generic emails sent out en masse aren’t going to attract customers, but emails that are specifically tailored to the customer and their desires are. Personalizing emails provides a notable boost to open rates, by up to 29%, and increases click-through rates by 41%. Simply adding a person’s name to the email can increase open rates by 40%. Every email sent should feel personal and should be aimed directly at your customer. It can be especially effective if you use the person’s details to your advantage, such as sending them a birthday email or even including a discount with it. Appeal to your customers and they will be pleased.

Sometimes, it’s all about what you add to the emails themselves. For example, adding videos can increase click-through times by three times as much. A catchy header and title should always be included to catch the customer’s attention and you should always balance content and images. Emails should also be linked with social media where possible to increase exposure of your brand and to encourage your customer to get more deeply involved with your company.

If you need help with a marketing campaign or are simply having trouble using emails to connect to your audience, our team can help you. We can create an original marketing campaign that will effectively target your customers and help you to attract new business.

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