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The increasing importance of digital security

December 14, 2016 by in category Miscellaneous, News with 0 and 0

The subject of digital security is, looking at news and current events, highly likely to be a dominating one in 2017. Without going into the details it would be fair to say that most of us are aware of a number of high profile, international incidents of late involving digital security being breached with major repercussions.

There are a number of lessons which everyone with a website can learn from these incidents. This is perhaps all the more true for small businesses, where a strong digital presence has become crucial to growth and success.

It’s fair to say that many people believe that achieving a strong level of digital security requires a considerable amount of knowledge, skill and cost. This is to a certain extent true, but the one requirement for making sure your website is safe is a healthy dose of common sense.

If you view your website as a virtual presentation of your physical business presence then it becomes easier to see and understand how similar straightforward approaches to security must be applied.

One of the first things to achieve in any form of security is to make it as tough as possible to access without permission. You need to make sure your website is as locked down and secure as you would your office or storage facility. It’s highly likely that your business premises features strong and reliable locks, and further that you maintain strict control over who has keys or the means to access them.

To put this level of security in place for your business website you need to use non-obvious, frequently changed passwords and keep a tight level of control over who has an account for your site.

Having insurance in place for your business premises is vital for recovering when something does go wrong. Being able to call on the financial resources required to recover from an incident is vital to ensuring business continuity.

In many respects ensuring your website is backed up on a frequent basis offers the same kind of protection. If something goes wrong with your site – be it a hacking attack or a server crash – being able to restore the most recent version of it means you can be, digitally, up and running again very quickly.

Making website backups and assisting with your digital security are important parts of the complete web design and hosting services we provide to clients across the North East and beyond. Web Consultancy is a name you can rely on to keep your website safe.

With more than 30,000 websites coming under digital attack every day we’re aware of how important precautions and security measures are. Our secure hosting and online safety advice will help you be able to avoid your business becoming one of the many victims of digital attacks.

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