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The rise of female entrepreneurs in e-commerce

September 14, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

UK start-up businesses are booming as more and more people follow their dream and become their own boss. More and more entrepreneurs are willing to take the risk of following their own path, and many of them are choosing to operate their businesses online by establishing ecommerce companies. In the UK, female entrepreneurs are very much leading the way in the world of online retail.

The number of British female entrepreneurs operating ecommerce businesses has risen by 28% over the past five years, and is growing faster in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. The rapid rise stands in contrast to the 17% rise in France, the 5% rise in Italy and a 2% drop in Germany. These entrepreneurs are creating valuable jobs too, as 10% of female-founded ecommerce businesses have employees. Women are making particularly big waves at online retailer Etsy, where users can sell their own homemade goods, crafts and products and where the userbase is 86% female. Around 30% of sellers state that their Etsy stores are their sole source of income.

In terms of female entrepreneurship, there is growth going on in many areas of the world, with the USA, Canada and Australia ranking particularly high as the best places to be a female entrepreneur. There are still noticeable gender gaps in many countries, but in the UK, at least, the environment seems favourable for female entrepreneurs, especially if they are looking to break into ecommerce.

As online shopping continues to grow, there will be even more opportunities for sellers. If you’re planning to start a new online venture, or want to make some updates to your existing webstore, we can provide professional ecommerce website design to give your site a boost.

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