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Facebook still reigns supreme as a platform for businesses

September 15, 2015 by in category Facebook, News with 0 and 0

When it comes to social networking, sites and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram have brought about revolutionary changes. Social media has made a huge contribution to our media landscape, and it represents communication on a mass level. However, as social sharing and communication technology continues to evolve, it raises questions about which social networks will gather momentum and which ones will lose ground.

eMarketer recently revealed data highlighting the demographic trends for 2016. The world is enamoured with social networking, and despite advancements in mobile technology Facebook is still leading the market.

It is predicted that marketers will increase their advertising efforts in 2016 in order to include more targeted ads on Facebook using the information freely shared on their services. Social networking has given everyone a voice, and consumers are actively engaging with online businesses every day. They are highly motivated to leave both positive and negative feedback about transactions and customer service, as well as the products and services they would like to see introduced. This gives online retailers direct access to their customers’ needs and allows them to adjust their strategies and services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The increase in older users of Facebook and other social marketing platforms spells good news for small businesses. It will further reduce their need to compete with large businesses and big name brands. Additionally, the way consumers search for products is changing. 80% of online shoppers are influenced by the comments left by others and they will head directly to sites such as YouTube and Facebook where huge numbers of companies have a presence.

As social networks evolve into search engines and the number of consumers on major sites increases, the benefits for small to medium business become greater. We can help you manage your social media and ensure your professional website is fully optimised. We offer comprehensive social marketing packages and we can be relied on to deliver an affordable and quality service.

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