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Tips for SEO copywriting

April 10, 2018 by in category News with 0 and 0

It’s not good enough to write good content for your site to interest people. You need to think about how to get it to rank at the top of search engines so that people find your site quickly. After-all how many people go to page 2 of the results? SEO Copywriting could be the catalyst for driving more traffic to your site.

There are many different ways you can improve your writing. Some people have a natural ability to write engaging content. It’s easy to develop your skills though; practice does make perfect. It is also vital to understand how SEO works to make engaging blog posts that get you in the first few results.

We have laid out some tips below to help you improve your SEO copywriting.


Writing isn’t the part that takes the longest. It is crucial that you plan so that you know who your audience is and what topic you are writing about.

Before you write, research the keywords that relate to what you are writing about. Think, what would people type in a search box when searching for your topic? Try to include different variations as not everyone will type it in the same way.

If you’re looking for ideas, read other peoples work. You may find new ways to structure sentences and paragraphs.


The structure of your text allows for easy reading. Put anything important first. Headings and subheadings are great because they ensure people can find the information they are looking for quickly. This is a good way to structure your text. They can also help you write, knowing where to put your text, to keep relevant information together.


It seems like the most important part that you should spend a lot of time on. This likely won’t take as long as when you edit afterwards though. Start writing whatever pops into your head. If you’re struggling, start writing vague ideas, and then you can turn them into sentences after.

You don’t have to start at the beginning if you think that is the hardest part. If you prefer, you can start writing the middle main part of your article. Remember to write the first and last paragraphs when you’re finished though.

If you have made typos, errors in grammar, or you think your sentence is too long, keep writing. When you’ve finished you can go back and edit it. This allows you to not lose focus and keep any ideas in your head. Include transition words in your writing as this is another important factor in SEO.


This part will take a while as you will most likely edit your work a lot. It is better to write a lengthy post, that way you can remove anything you find irrelevant and only include the best content. There’s also a good chance you’ll have included things that sound very similar. Editing can get rid of the repetition.

Be sure to re-read over and over again; it is easy to miss spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Computer programmes may not always notice these too. This is important if you have misspelled a word into another like “that” and “hat”.

Make sure that your sentences aren’t too long. You need to maximise readability to keep people interested. If you can, get someone else to read over your work. A pair of fresh eyes can spot mistakes and suggest feedback.

Take a break to refresh your mind and get new ideas. A break as short as 1 minute can help you see or think of things you didn’t before. If you are focused on your writing, that is great. Once you start to lose concentration though, it can be wasteful to keep writing as you will have fewer ideas.

The main idea is to practice and learn how to improve your writing until you’re an expert at Copywriting SEO. At Web Consultancy, we can do this for you; we know what it takes. If you need any more information, contact us today.

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