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Ways of using colour in web design

February 5, 2018 by in category News with 0 and 0

Everyone knows colour is an essential element in designing a great website. It has become a staple for businesses because it allows them to express their brand and values. Over time, web designers have begun to use colours more boldly. Not only this, but they incorporate them strategically for highlighting specific elements or enhancing website experience. Below we will discuss how you can use colour in web design services.

How is colour used in web design?

The trend of bold colours grew because they help create a striking background. People now recognise a good website design will feature powerful colours. Additionally, the colour is really good for highlighting a specific section. Generally, bold block colours are best for minimalist purposes. Keep in mind, vibrant hues aren’t necessary for making sections stand out. They can help make your brand identity pop though.

Make a statement

In other areas, colour helps make a statement. When building an alert page, incorporating a vibrant background will catch the user’s attention. It’s also recognised as a clever design strategy as it teaches people to rely on visual cues. Furthermore, it supports in making statements quick to register.

Add personality

What most know colour for is adding personality and creating bursts of interest. Without it, designs wouldn’t be as interesting. However, bold and large blocks aren’t necessarily the way forward. The order of using colours requires efficiency; otherwise it causes people to dislike the overall design. No matter how responsive the design of your website, if the colour doesn’t work it won’t engage users.

Brand for the audience

Lastly, using colour effectively within branding is extremely appealing for audiences. Therefore having the ability to use colour to represent your brand and values is beneficial. The colours for your branding should help people instantly recognise your services/products. Regarding this for your website, it should have a balance of your brand colours. This could mean vibrancy in one section and less in another, or a gradient.

If you need support in achieving effective colour choices for your website, consider our web design services. Web Consultancy is a passionate team and can bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to start exploring designs.

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