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Use responsive web design for optimal website viewing

May 10, 2015 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

Online technology continues to evolve, offering many new challenges for programmers and developers. The difference between a website on desktop and a website on a mobile platform is huge, and is something that many developers need to keep in mind when they are developing a website for a client.

Unlike the days of print media, which could be easily adapted to any shape or format, digital media requires a fair amount of work to allow it to adapt it to various platforms. Thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of tablets and smartphones, developers are now challenged to make sure that their client’s website looks good and functions well in a number of different sizes and formats.

Responsive web design is essentially when a website is designed to respond to its format. It essentially allows one version of the website to be displayed on any screen and device, regardless of its size. Generally speaking, responsive web design is either adaptive, using multiple fixed-width layouts, or responsive, using multiple fluid grid layouts. Responsive web design ensures that you can view the same website on any device without having to develop new versions for specific platforms. It allows increased efficiency, ensuring that your website visitors will be greeted with a functional and appealing version of your site no matter which device they view it on.

As the number of devices available on the market grows, there is going to be an increased need for responsive web design. The number of mobile users continues to increase with every passing day, and that means that there is a huge market for mobile websites. By implementing responsive web design and ensuring that your website can adapt better to mobile platforms, you will boost your potential audience and make your site much more attractive to prospective clients, increasing the overall efficiency of your website.

At Web Consultancy, we specialise in all aspects of website design in the North East, including responsive web design. We know how to build a website that will really work for your business and your clients, ensuring a great user experience across all platforms.

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