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May bank holiday gives UK ecommerce a boost

May 11, 2015 by in category News with 0 and 0

Last week we all had a day off work to enjoy our May bank holiday and welcome the spring, but it seems that the weather had other ideas in mind, with chilly, wet and windy conditions across much of the UK. It’s not all bad news, however; ecommerce sales were up across the entire country as people spent their wet bank holiday shopping online rather than venturing outside to find the items they needed.

This demonstrates just how useful an e-commerce website can be for businesses of all kinds, regardless of their sector or industry. There are so many advantages of e-commerce, and one of the biggest benefits is the fact that people can still shop even when they don’t feel like actually coming to a physical shop, resulting in boosted profits for businesses with their own webstore.

E-commerce essentially refers to the practice of marketing, selling and delivering goods and services to your customers over the internet. Many businesses have become huge successes on the back of their e-commerce services, such as Amazon. If you want to boost your business and bring in more customers, while providing your existing ones with excellent service, an e-commerce website is an excellent tactic.

E-commerce essentially provides you with a single platform from which you can expand your business’s operations globally. With an online store, you can potentially offer your products to a global market, allowing greater exposure. This exposure can be multiplied dramatically as you implement more digital marketing and social marketing techniques. Physical stores need to open up new branches or launch expensive advertising campaigns, whilst businesses with an e-commerce website can use social media and search engine optimisation to increase the exposure of their business.

Depending on the product, e-commerce offers immediacy to your customers. As an example, businesses offering video games or electronic goods can simply sell codes rather than the physical product, allowing customers to download it directly to their device. This means no waiting and no queuing for your customers. It also means products can be offered at lower prices as online businesses have much lower overheads. With e-commerce, you are bound to attract more customers as you can sell your product 24/7 with no set opening or closing times.

E-commerce can also make things significantly easier for the business. It reduces paperwork, and all records can be accessed with ease. In fact, with e-commerce, there’s no need for a physical store at all, reducing the costs of opening and operating a business. This allows you to spend more time focusing on your business rather than its physical location.

At Web Consultancy, we offer e-commerce website design and development solutions that can help your business to take advantage of all of the advantages that e-commerce offers. Our website developers in Middlesbrough will help to draw up solutions to your requirements and implement a complete solution.

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