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Web design can affect content marketing

January 22, 2018 by in category News with 0 and 0

A good web designer knows that design is important for audience’s first impressions; with things like colour and layout factoring. If you aren’t mindful, it can affect your business’ online presence. This is why it’s sometimes wise to hire a professional. When it comes to web design Middlesbrough based businesses should trust in our passionate local team.

With content marketing, note it doesn’t necessarily promote your brand but rather involves creating valuable material. Ensuring your content is high quality can improve the audience’s interest in your website. Your website’s aim should influence what you publish. For example, if your business supplies bathroom products you may publish ‘How-to’ guides.

So how does web design affect content marketing?

Generally, designers use four key areas to ensure customers can use your website easily. To make your site a pleasant experience to use, the following need accounting for.


One of the main areas is ease of access. Whenever posting content such as the ‘How-to’ guides, you must ensure it’s easy to locate and read them. For users to find this content swiftly, your site’s home navigation and sitemap should be well organised. One great way of ensuring this is providing drop down menus.


Additionally, the readability of your website needs to be professional. As a general go-to for this, use one font for headings and one for paragraphs. Using many different fonts can mean your visitors will struggle reading information. So display minimal fonts, which are clear and easy to read.

A professional appearance

Furthermore, with your website’s appearance you need to make it look attractive and professional. Remember the initial impression left on visitors is vital. If your website has clashing colours and a random layout, it will deter customers regardless of high quality content.

Use many types of content

To sustain visitor interest, you need to provide more than one type of content. Having informative blocks of text is a good thing, but posting photos and videos is more visually appealing. It can space things out and get people to stay on the site for longer.

To summarise, if you include these four elements in your web design it can aid in promoting your content. That will help you on the road to success.

If you would like to safeguard your website’s online presence, consider contacting Web Consultancy today. We are one of the best for web design Middlesbrough has, able to offer a full design and content strategy. Ongoing support is available and we will do our best to bring ideas to life.

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