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Don’t fall for these common web design myths

April 26, 2019 by in category Website Design with 0 and 0

Web design is a subjective area with lots of different opinions on what does and doesn’t work. Some universal principles help make a site great. At the same time, there are certain ideas that aren’t right. Even if you have components that help make a quality site, the wrong steps can ruin it and make it one people don’t enjoy using. What you need to do is focus on the right areas. In addition, don’t get misled by web design myths.

Visuals come before functionality

A bright colour scheme and high-end graphics can make your site look very appealing. However, they won’t matter if the site has issues. This could be low traffic and conversion rates as well as poor SEO and content.

High quality site content is a must. Your impressive visuals won’t matter if visitors don’t find anything useful to keep them on the website. Put work into business details, contact information, blogs, and also any testimonials you have.

My website works for me so it will for everyone

People can use all sorts of devices to view your site on the internet. It could be a small phone or a wide desktop monitor. In this day and age, you cannot afford to ignore mobile-friendly or responsive design.

The consequences of failing to remember this include unhappy visitors and low conversions. It also has a negative effect on search engine ranking.

You’re done working after designing a website

You might think that you can relax once your site is running but this is actually one of the biggest web design myths. You will never reach a point where there is nothing to do on the site. At the very least it needs maintaining. This will keep it performing to an optimal level. You can use analytics to find ways to change the layout and content in ways that search engines like to see.

You need to consider security along with SEO. People can take advantage of vulnerabilities so make sure you back up data, use a dedicated host, and have strong credentials.

It is cheap and easy to build a website yourself

Professional website designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The work that goes into it takes time and an investment like this is smart for your business in the long term. There are certain companies like ours that offer extensive marketing solutions. This means that your business will have expert help with its online presence. We also avoid all of these web design myths.

Design needs to consider the structure and content along with search engines and your target audience. You also need to stay on top of changes that take place within the industry. This is so that you don’t make any bad decisions which harm your website.

Web Consultancy can help you with creating and maintaining your site. Our web design team can save you the trouble by creating a website that is responsive and attractive. This will help your business put its best foot forward.

Visit our site to find out more about us. Take your time reading about our work and know that you can get in touch to speak to our helpful team.

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