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Why is my website not ranking?

September 7, 2017 by in category News with 0 and 0

So you have created and launched your own website, included engaging content and you are expecting an influx of people to start engaging. But your website isn’t ranking, why?

SEO can come across as quite simple when you know the ins and outs of it, but actually practicing it is a different story. There are complex ranking algorithms, competitors, and other factors such as relevance, age, and engagement to remember. On top of this if you have made any mistakes with your website design you may get penalised.

It’s easy to miss these factors, but sometimes it can all just been down to lacking the links to rank, or not doing enough to rise above competitors. To really get up to speed with digital marketing success, and achieving a high ranking website, Web Consultancy can help.

To recognise us as a potential solution, we have listed some of the common reasons why your website isn’t ranking, and how it can become successful:

Poor optimisation is one of the most common reasons for low ranking websites. Is your website optimised for organic searches? Factors such as an XML sitemap, page titles, keyword density, and good content play an extremely important role in helping search engines find you!

When it comes to the tough competition, this is where you have to have stronger SEO. A common reason for websites being successful relates to using stronger keywords. The more competitive your keywords are the better.

Your website’s content needs to be relevant for Google’s algorithms, and it will reward you with traffic. If your content is simple and short it may not be substantial enough for Google to recognise as relevant for your target keywords. Even if your website has high quality links, but poor quality content, fixing it may just be the answer for improving rankings.

Of course, on page linking is key in obtaining high website rankings. Google determines your website based on relevance to the topic of the page, and uses approval from using popularity signals like inbound link clicks.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what entails in gaining a high ranking website. Web Consultancy is accomplished in working with small businesses to gain online presence. If you need our web design and SEO services, please get in touch!

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