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Why use WordPress for your website?

November 19, 2016 by in category News, Website Design with 0 and 0

The rise in popularity – and use – of WordPress has been quite remarkable. When it was launched over a decade ago the intention of it was to provide a simple word editing package that allowed people to publish personal blogs on the web. Over time the content management system it offers has expanded to give users a dynamic and versatile website editing experience.

Although our design team are capable of working with numerous web design and coding languages, we believe in most cases it’s in the best interests of our clients to use WordPress for their business website. Here’s a look at some of the important reasons why this is the case.

* Ease of Use

Despite the wide range of features available with WordPress it has always kept an incredibly user friendly interface. Adding or editing new pages, pictures or story posts is quick and easy.

We are well qualified to remark on how straightforward it is to use – after all, our training and experience has been in working with it for many years. Once we’ve carried out the more complicated work of designing and building your site, we provide you with a full tutorial, teaching you how to make the changes we’ve highlighted. The experts we have here with us will get you up and running with the knowledge you need to update your site.

* Easy – Yet Secure – Access

Accessing WordPress for your website is as easy as opening your browser of choice. With no requirement to install special software on your PC to operate, you’re free to manage and maintain your website on any device no matter where you are in the world.

Just as with any online service, your account and access is kept as safe as you make it – be secure with your password and login details and there’s unlikely to be any problems.

* No HTML Editing or FTP Uploading

There’s no “hidden catch” to the user friendly interface WordPress offers. As a self-contained content management system there is no need to obtain and install editing software.

As you also upload text, videos and images directly to the site, there’s no need to install file transfer (FTP) software to get your files up on your website.

* Get Seen by Search Engines

Having a fantastic site for your business is only of value if your target market gets to see it. With search engines being the predominant means by which people access sites, we know that getting your site to rank high on result pages is important.

It would be wrong to say that using WordPress ensures this happens. What is true, however, is that the clean and clear code used in websites made using the system is a lot easier for search engines to read and index than is the case with different systems. It also allows for enhanced search engine optimisation work to be carried out, letting you be indexed and found for your target market keywords.

* Blogging is a Breeze

Despite the way the system has evolved since it was launched in 2003 it’s never lost sight of the fact that it started off as a blogging tool. Being mindful of the last point above, blogs remain an important, useful and very popular way in which businesses can be found by people looking for their goods and services.

Maintaining and updating a blog on your business website can be a highly successful way of attracting an audience and engaging with them. WordPress remains the very best way to achieve this. Whether you want to post articles yourself or use our team of professional journalists to write on your behalf getting the latest news and information online is easy to do.

* Your Website Looks Exactly how you Want it to

One of the biggest misconceptions we’ve encountered over the years is that WordPress sites all rely on one generic template, and that as a result they all look the same. This is decidedly not the case.

Although there are many different templates available to use as the foundation for a site you are not restricted to using them. Also, the majority of templates can be customised to make them look exactly as you want them to.

* Futureproof the Functionality of your Site

WordPress, unlike other Content Management Systems, has been designed to embrace new features and functionality. This has been shown time and again over the years, with a strong highlight being how easy it was to integrate social media into sites using it. With the system there’s no danger of your site being made out of date or obsolete – updates always mean you can embrace modern trends and new features.

* The Design of your Website is Completely Customizable

With a WordPress site, you control it; it doesn’t control you. By this we mean that you’re free to have any changes or adjustments you want done. Our team will create the site to look exactly as you want it. Going forward, you can either arrange with us to make changes or, with our expert training, you can confidently make the adjustments yourself.

* You Control your Site

As we said in the point above, we empower you to be able to make changes to your site. With other web development systems there’s a great danger of specialised knowledge required. This leaves you at the mercy of the original web designer in respect of any future changes. We don’t believe this is a fair or honest way to work. Once we’ve built your site for you, whether you want us to make changes or wish to do them yourself is entirely your choice.

* Your Site will grow with your Business

Adding extra pages to a WordPress site is as simple and straightforward as introducing new features. If your business introduces a new product or service you’re going to want it featured on your website. With the system you can soon have a whole new section set up for it.

Here at Web Consultancy we believe in building long term relationships with our clients through our outstanding service and support. We don’t trap or lock people into having to use us by making it that we are the only ones who know and understand how to update and change their site. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. Making use of WordPress to build sites ensures that this freedom is always in place.

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