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Why your content needs to be the highest quality

November 22, 2016 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

Search engines and online directories have caused a huge reduction in the number of people using physical materials like the Yellow Pages to find businesses. People are more likely to look online because it is faster and they can read reviews and comments that have been left. This helps them to choose the right business to meet their needs.

There is one big similarity between both methods of promoting a business; in each case people want to be seen first. In physical directories this involved businesses choosing the letter A or a number at the start of their name. This would put them close to the front of the listings. On online directories and search engines people want a similarly prominent position so they stand the best chance of getting visitors.

The task of getting a website to appear prominently on the search listings of sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo is a little more challenging than simply choosing the right name. Positions are awarded depending on several things including the quality and functionality of the website as well as the content that appears on it.

All major search engines – in particular Google – have made it clear that they consider the written content of websites to be of huge significance in respect of result rankings. Sites which have well written, unique and relevant content which is specific to what people are searching for rank higher than sites which give little or no information.

Our approach has always been one of placing importance on the quality of content on the websites we build. Whilst it assists in making you more visible on search engine results, well written and useful information on your site appeals to your new and potential customers.

If you’re providing the details that people are searching for then you are able to engage with them, making your business feel like the natural choice for them to make for services. We have a team of gifted, talented and highly sought after writers who research and produce content for you that meets all requirements.

There are, we know, a number of people out there who believe that you can somehow “trick” search engines into giving you a front page result. We promise you it’s not true. A good quality website that functions well on all devices and consistently adding great content is one of the major ways in which you can make sure you’re easily found through search engines.

At Web Consultancy we our North East based team can create all kinds of web content for you, from text for webpages to blogs, press releases, and even videos. If you would like to find out more about what we do or the benefits it can offer please contact us.

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