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Why your business should be using Instagram

May 2, 2017 by in category Digital Marketing, Social Media with 0 and 1

Here at Web Consultancy we especially know how important all social media platforms are. Not a lot of businesses have much focus on Instagram, but why? It generates around 120 time more engagement per follower compared to Twitter and Facebook put together! This blog post is going to tell you a little bit about why your business should be using Instagram to help with your social media marketing strategies.

Instagram has even beaten Twitter in the race for the most global users; with over 300 million users, it’s not something to be ignoring. But now you’re wondering, how can I take advantage of this widely used social media app? Well we have done some research for you, so you can easily implement a good social media marketing strategy.

Obviously first things first, if you already haven’t got a business account set up, then that’s probably a good place to start. Setting up, you can import your business information from Facebook (if you already have a Facebook page). If not, it doesn’t take too long to set up an Instagram profile. Just make sure you have a good profile picture set up that represents your business in the most professional and trustworthy way possible. Also, make sure your description is short and sweet; keep it to the point of what your business is about, and pop a link to your website on there too.

Once that’s done, it’s time to post some pictures! It’s probably best if you already have an idea of what you’re going to post about, before posting. Lifestyle and personal images tend to be more successful, but obviously it’s good to find a comfortable balance of professional photos and lifestyle one’s as well. When posting it’s important to include at least 5 hashtags, one of them being your company’s hashtag. That way you have one that represents you that people can use. This in turn will help you interact with your audience, whilst boosting brand awareness!

There are other ways and tools which will help with boosting brand awareness of your Instagram page. One way is to like and comment on other users photos. Statistically, if done often enough, this gains you an extra 50+ followers a day.

One of the tools that Instagram provides is the Geo-tagging tool. This is simply a tool which tags your posts geographically on the map. This means you can potentially gain more followers locally!

Web Consultancy highly recommends that your business considers incorporating Instagram into a social media marketing strategy. This was just a simple start up guide on how to get going, and to give you a bit more understanding as to why you should definitely be using it. But if you want to really use this globally used social media app efficiently, we offer continuous services on implementing the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

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