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WordPress and the new update

June 10, 2017 by in category WordPress with 0 and 0

Web Consultancy specialise in a range of digital marketing strategies and services, from creating WordPress website, to SEO, to Social media. We are one of the best for implementing successful strategies for your business, focusing on helping you to achieve your goal.

This post will tell you more about WordPress, why you should use it to power your website, and what the latest update offers. The platform can be extremely useful, especially if used correctly. It is the largest self blogging tool available now, used by millions of sites, and seen by millions of people too. WordPress is scripting software which is easily customisable, with little to no knowledge of code necessary. Sounds easy to use, right? Well, it’s just become a lot easier with the new update.

WordPress 4.8 has arrived. This time, the developers have put together this update with “you in mind”. It enables users to customise even more, helping you to express yourself and your brand. The three improvements are; widgets for images, audio, and video. An updated text widget is included too, this supports visual editing.

Inserting an image has now been made a simple task that anyone can carry out without the knowledge of code. All you have to do is insert your desired image using the widget; it appears automatically.

The video widget has now become a great way for you to really create brand awareness. You can now add any video from the Media Library to a sidebar. In just a few clicks it can then be inserted onto your site!

Once again, to use the audio widget all you have to do is upload audio files to the Media Library, go to the new widget settings and the select the file. It really has become so effortless to input great content.

Rich Text is now a part of the text widget. You can now add a widget anywhere, and quickly insert links too.

If you still think that WordPress is difficult to use, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with ourselves. Web Consultancy is based in Middlesbrough and works with numerous companies across the UK, from local SMEs to larger national and international companies. We can help you with using WordPress and many other digital marketing methods.

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