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Google in talks with publishers

September 22, 2017 by in category Google with 0 and 0

Recently, Google has been in talks with three publishers. These discussions have been focused on improving their subscription services by providing them with valuable data and artificial intelligence. This move signals a willingness by the web giant to help organisations generate revenue using this data.

Google are in discussion with the New York Times, News Corp, and the Financial Times to develop new artificial intelligence tools. These tools plan to make marketing easier, using Google’s user data to sell subscriptions online to recognise possible subscribers.

In the coming weeks Google will reveal a new subscription system. The plan is to make this available for other publishers to aid them in monetising their content. The search engine company has even had discussions regarding improving speed of purchase. There is a possibly of storing payment data securely so subscriptions can be made with the ease of one click.

Discussions have also reached to publishers for having control over sampling for non-paying users of their content. This shows the looming end of the company’s ‘first click free’ programme, which let Google users see a few stories behind a newspaper without having to subscribe. This was supposed to draw in new potential subscribers, but hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Google is taking a warmer approach towards the news industry. However, they already have a positive look at helping businesses online collate valuable data; called Google Analytics. In the same area they provide Google Adwords, which is considered a very valuable tool to help gain online presence, as it links up keywords to search results. Businesses have the opportunity to pay for bids for keywords, in order for their ads to show in search results.

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