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How long would you wait for a site to load?

September 17, 2015 by in category Domain Names, News with 0 and 0

Be honest – have you ever clicked away from a website you had every intention of visiting because it just took too long to load? If you answered yes, be assured that it’s something which every single internet user has done at some point or another. It’s also something you want to avoid happening to your own website. Whilst the design and content of a webpage plays a part in how fast it loads and can be accessed by browsers, your web hosting provider is also a major factor.

The best way to illustrate this is to ask you to think of your business website as being your actual business premises. Imagine you had the greatest looking store in history. It’s dazzling, it’s dynamic, it’s everything a customer could want and more, and it is destined to boost your income and profits considerably. However, it’s located on land which is inaccessible for cars and can only be reached on foot with considerable difficulty. It will take your customers some time to get there, but you assume that they will make the effort as what they find at the end of their arduous trip will be worth it. Ask yourself, do you think customers will make that trip, or will they just go somewhere that’s easier for them to access?september 17

Web hosting should make it as easy as possible for your existing and potential customers to get to you. Many hosts offer limited storage space and bandwidth, which makes your site slow and difficult to access. There’s every chance that your competitors will be welcoming the visitors that tried your site but just couldn’t be bothered to wait for it to load. In this day and age of super-fast broadband, nobody wants to wait around for websites to load, no matter how worthwhile the wait might be.

As a business which relies on the web, we know and understand the value of fast, reliable and affordable website hosting. That’s what we created for ourselves, and it’s what we offer to our valued customers and anyone else who needs it. If you want your clients to get to your website as quickly as possible and stay there, talk to us. Our focus is on giving an all around exceptional web experience, and in doing this we offer the most supportive and beneficial web hosting service available.

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