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January 25, 2015 by in category Content Marketing, News with 0 and 0

We’ve been following this news story with interest over the past couple of weeks as it demonstrates just how rapidly and successfully a small business can gain interest online. gained worldwide interest due to its novel premise – for a small fee, they promised to anonymously send an envelope full of glitter to someone who had wronged you, thus condemning the person to hours of vacuuming and weeks of finding glitter in unexpected places. The site was filled with hilarious written content and testimonials from previous satisfied customers. People loved the idea of getting sweet, sparkly revenge on their enemies and the site was quickly swamped with orders.

The site was set up by Australian Matthew Carpenter, but due to being unable to cope with the massive demand, he quickly decided to sell it on. Amazingly, it has now sold at auction for the massive sum of $85,000. It was sold via online marketplace Flippa, and was purchased by an online entrepreneur who plans to fulfil all the orders which had stacked up.

The time between the website being set up and being sold on was just ten days, showing how astonishingly fast online businesses can gain success. We think this story demonstrates perfectly how a unique idea and engaging written content is all you need to quickly gain attention and bring huge amounts of custom to your small start-up business.

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