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Tactics for getting more leads that actually work

June 6, 2019 by in category News

Business success may rest on how your website generates leads. There are experts in many industries with a fantastic product and great service, but some still struggle to get business. You may be looking at methods to get more leads yourself. The following tactics could be help.

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Understanding website hosting for your business

May 31, 2019 by in category Hosting

There are millions of people who use the internet everyday and who can blame them? It is such a great way to access information. You can research lots of topics, including any business you may want to work with. It also provides the chance to do tasks like online shopping without leaving home. In this […]

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How to market my website

May 22, 2019 by in category Digital Marketing

So, you have made the right move and created a website to give your business an online presence. Now though you need to get people to see it and you might end up thinking ‘I don’t know how to market my website’. It can be challenging to pull in new visitors but with the right […]

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How not to design your ecommerce website

May 16, 2019 by in category Website Design

Ecommerce is a highly competitive area. A quick internet search reveals countless online stores who all want to attract customers. A huge number of them are missing out on the sales they could achieve because they make simple ecommerce website design mistakes that have a big impact. Below we look at some of the errors […]

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Why is my website not ranking – tips

May 10, 2019 by in category SEO

Business owners often ask questions like “why is my website not ranking”. You shouldn’t panic though as this is something that you can deal with when you take a smart approach. Having expert knowledge of SEO helps us assist people with this. We can address the problems that might be holding you back.

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The importance of keywords for SEO

May 3, 2019 by in category SEO

SEO can be a tricky subject with complex things to think about if you are looking to succeed in your efforts. It is vital that you are aware of how to make the most of this, including how to use keywords.

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Don’t fall for these common web design myths

April 26, 2019 by in category Website Design

Web design is a subjective area with lots of different opinions on what does and doesn’t work. Some universal principles help make a site great. At the same time, there are certain ideas that aren’t right. Even if you have components that help make a quality site, the wrong steps can ruin it and make […]

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Website marketing tips which are essential

April 17, 2019 by in category News

Businesses need to have strategies in place that will increase visibility and allow for growth. This is regardless of whether you are a brick and mortar company or offer digital services. Marketing is crucial for getting people to look at your business. You can quickly reach potential customers and make a great connection. After creating […]

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Build an effective social media marketing strategy

April 9, 2019 by in category Social Media

If you haven’t put much thought into your social media marketing strategy, you’re not alone. Many businesses miss out on the benefits it can bring because they don’t put time into their efforts. We can help you change that.

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What makes a website rank?

March 20, 2019 by in category News

Businesses who have a website often ask about how Google ranks search results for keywords or terms. The answer is slightly complicated because only search engines can say how they do this. That being said, there are some factors that people do know about. You can keep track through a keyword ranking report and by […]

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